Free Pattern #5…Crochet Boho Head Scarf

imageAh, so it’s been a while since my last post…I guess full-time study will do that! But here it is, free pattern #5 – simple crochet head scarf.

One of the things I love so much about this particular one is the tapered ends – most patterns will simple start and finish with square, abrupt edges, but I designed this one to feel a little more delicate and petite whilst being worn, enjoy! xx

Free pattern: Crochet Head Scarf US Version


My Suffolk Puff Love Heart Necklace


I’ve never really been a fan of suffolk puffs. They look lovely but they are soooo fiddly! But a couple of weeks back I had this brainwave kind of idea for a pretty little heart necklace made out of just tiny little suffolk puffs…and this is the result! I love the pink ribbon and the crystal beads. Didn’t really take all too long to make either, only about three or four nights in front of the telly…

However this isn’t really something I would wear for myself – a bit too chunky – so I think I’ll be keeping this one as a special gift for someone…Someone who likes pink! xx

Free Crochet Pattern #3…Infinity Cowl Scarf

CSC_3686Ok, free pattern #3…Crochet infinity cowl… This is from the collection of patterns I used to sell on Etsy, but now you can have it for free! It was actually one of my best sellers. It’s super easy and doesn’t take all that long to make. Enjoy! xx

Infinity Cowl US Version

~ Irish Rose Paper Weight ~

~ Irish Rose Paper Weight ~

My latest little creation that I just couldn’t help but share ~ an Irish Rose crochet paper weight.

Like much of what I seem to make these days, completely impromptu! I haven’t really ever made one before, but I found a nice smooth stone whilst gardening yesterday so I thought I’d give it a go…I’m surprised at how easy they are to whip up! Again, my design is not so imaginative, but you could really have a ball dreaming up all sorts of designs for these cute little treasures!

Crochet Sandals – A Not So Useless Creation After All…

imageCrochet barefoot sandals. Up until very recently, I thought that these were the most pointless of creations. I always wondered, why would I want to make something for my feet that doesn’t even cover the bottom? What’s the point? Well that was until I actually dared to make a pair…

Whilst still pretty pointless in terms of functionality, these little accessories can actually be really, really fun to both make and wear. The biggest feature of these by far is their aesthetics. Mostly they’re best suited to wearing down at the beach or by the pool, and if you colour coded a nice fancy pair to match your swimsuit, well you might just find yourself looking quite sexy in your little beach number!

And although you probably would never want to wear a pair alone down town, you could carefully team a pair up with some basic sandals or flip flops and dress up an otherwise boring outfit. Then of course there’s always the pleasure of dressing up whilst hanging around the house – I know I’ve been guilty myself of donning a pair to brighten up my dull house work get-up…

I guess these little inventions aren’t quite as useless as I thought!

Whilst the pair I made is not the most dashing of designs, why not try for yourself some these amazing patterns found on Etsy –

Summer Barefoot Crochet Sandals Pattern – PDF summer accessories – bySol

Mehndi Inspired Barefoot Sandals Pattern – ShroneDesigns

Angel Wings Barefoot Crochet Sandals – LifeInSmallSpaces

Lacy Triangle Barefoot Sandals – CrochetSpotPatterns

Tatting with a button

I absolutely love this idea…

Rogue Threads

I have taken the plunge and tatted around a button. I am not a big fan of buttons but I finally gave it a go. First though I needed to find a button. This was harder than I thought It would be. It was 10pm last night when I went hunting. I found some shirts that I was gonna cut up and make into toys and there they were…. Buttons. 🙂 Second task was finding shuttles and thread. That was easy. And then I tatted away. And this is what I have. 🙂


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